Jackson Square Fine Jewels - Lied to about watches repair.

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I wish to inform all consumers of the actions of Jackson Square Fine Jewels and the tremendous damage they caused. I had left three watches for warranty repairs and a simple leather strap replacement. Back in May of 2007, I made numerous calls to retrieve my watches which went unreturned. Finally, the owner, Dan Warren, called and told me he didn't have my watches anymore.

I recently was able to hire an attorney to help me receive compensation for my losses. When my attorney contacted Dan Warren, Mr. Warren told my attorney that he would look for my watches that he previously told me he definitely didn't have. A week later, Mr. Warren miraculously found my watches and offered to return them.

What Dan Warren did was wrong! He admitted the information he told me about not having my property was untrue. I believe he intentionally defrauded me and only when caught, three years later, did he offer to return my property. With the length of time and current economic conditions, my property has a much depreciated value then when I left them with Jackson Square. Jackson Square's wrongful withholding of my property has caused me significant losses and hardship.

Please take my advice and stay far away from Jackson Square.

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